The Facts:

  • Animals sold in pet shops are viewed as commodities and making a profit is the number one priority.  The animals are bred, housed, transported, bought and sold in the cheapest possible way.
  • Animals are often denied veterinary care as this would exceed the animals’ commercial value.
  • Pet shops perpetuate and encourage puppy farms and backyard breeders.
  • Pet shops do not know where their animal ‘stock’ comes from.  Very often puppies and kittens are bred in horrendous conditions on puppy farms and by backyard breeders.  The animals are frequently not vaccinated, are sick and have not been dewormed or treated for ticks and fleas.
  • Pet shops do not promote responsible ownership. They profit from the impulsive buying of confused and frightened animals.  No home checks are done, no sterilization contracts are signed and very little or no quality advice is given for the animals’ care.
  • Pet shops selling animals contribute to the already overwhelming problem of domestic animal overpopulation in South Africa.
  • South African pet shops, pet traders and animal brokers do not have a legally binding code of conduct or ethics, minimum standards or requirements.

How you can help:

  • Do not support “free to good home” advertising, or brokers who sell animals through the internet, or through newspaper advertising sections.
  • Report pet shops with animals in poor health, overcrowded cages and dirty enclosures to the nearest SPCA branch.  Take some photos of the poor conditions if you can and hand those over to the SPCA as well.  Make sure you follow up on the SPCA’s inspection by phoning to get feedback.
  • If you are not happy with the SPCA’s findings, email us with the pet shops details and a description of the poor conditions along with your photographic evidence.
  • You can contact us for assistance in organising a protest outside the pet shop.
  • Adopt your companion animals from one of the many animal shelters and rescue organisations in South Africa. Adoption fees include vaccinations, deworming, sterilizations and often microchips as well.  Contact us to assist you in finding a reputable animal shelter in your area or a breed specific rescue organisation if this is your preference.
  • Be an advocate for animals. Advise your friends and family about the real cruelty of the pet trade.
  • Support local pet shops that don’t sell animals and only sell pet food and accessories.


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