The Facts:

  • The fur trade is a cruel and unnecessary industry.
  • Each year, approximately 40 million animals are killed worldwide for their fur. This includes more than thirty million animals raised on fur farms and ten million killed for their fur in the wild by hunting and traps.
  • Some of the animals killed for their fur include foxes, rabbits, minks, chinchillas, cats and dogs.
  • It is unlikely that the buyer of a fur garment or trinket is aware of the extent of the suffering behind their purchase.
  • On fur farms, animals are confined in tiny cages and completely denied any form of natural behaviour. The animals are often driven insane due to the stress and inhumane conditions, exhibiting behaviours such as incessant pacing, self-mutilation and cannibalism.
  • Animals are kept in wire cages with wire floors. Faeces and urine fall through the bars onto the animals in the cages below.
  • Cheap and crude killing methods are used to enhance profit and keep fur intact including anal or vaginal electrocution, skinning alive, neck snapping and gassing.
  • Animals caught in leg hold traps die in pain from starvation or thirst while waiting for the trapper to return.
  • Many trapped animals attempt escape by gnawing off their trapped limbs.
  • Beware of faux fur! This is often made of budget fur, sourced from dogs or cats.

How you can help:

  • Don’t buy fur or fur trimmed products.
  • Express your aversion to shops that sell fur products.
  • Be an advocate for animals. Advise your friends and family about the real cruelty behind the fur trade.
  • Support local clothing brands that don’t use real or fake fur.


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