The Facts:

  • Snakes are remarkable animals. Unfortunately they also have an unearned negative reputation.  Many people fear snakes but, in reality, snakes have far more reasons to fear us.
  • Every year at least 440 000 pythons are slaughtered in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam for the fashion trade.  This number in reality is much higher as it does not include the illegal killing and export in python skins.
  • The snakes used in the fashion industry are wild-caught from the jungles of Indonesia and Malaysia.  While some are farmed for their skins, it is impossible to distinguish between wild-caught and farmed snakes.
  • Once captured, their heads are cut off with a machete.  Often snakes’ heads are nailed to a tree and their skins are slowly peeled off to ensure the least damage to the profitable skin.  Snakes have a slow metabolism, which means they remain conscious and are able to feel pain and fear, long after their skins have been removed.
  • An even worse death is experienced by snakes who are first stunned.  Their jaws are forced open so that a tube can be inserted down their throats.  Their bodies are pumped full of water to make their skins easier to remove with the least amount of damage.  Bloated, suffering and dying slowly, snakes can be left hanging for more than 10 minutes.  Their bodies are slit from end to end to loosen their once strong and protective skin.  Once the skin is limp, it is ripped from the snakes’ bodies.
  • Many snakes are still alive when they are tossed onto a pile of dead and dying skinless snakes.
  • Snakes are not the only reptiles that suffer for fashion.  Millions of lizards, alligators and crocodiles are slaughtered every year so that their skins can be made into wallets, belts, boots and handbags.
  • “Snake skin channels extravagance and decadence; it is a luxury item coveted by many who do not stop to think of the impact they might be having on the survival of these exotic creatures.”  - Niqui Stubbs for
  • Reptiles may be cold blooded, but wearing their skins is cold hearted!

How you can help:

  • Don’t buy any reptile skin garments or fashion accessories.
  • Spread the word that reptile skin garments are cruel, inhumane and completely unnecessary.
  • Boycott shops that sell reptile skin garments and accessories.

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