Ban Animal Trading is a non profit company, based in Gauteng. BAT focuses on local investigations into various forms of animal abuse and neglect. BAT also deals with educational outreach to help South Africans understand animal rights. BAT does not support illegal activism and prides itself on working closely with SAPS, the NSPCA and local council committees.

BAT is committed to confronting and eradicating animal exploitation and abuse in all industries that benefit from the misery and suffering of sentient creatures. Compassion in Action is the slogan we live by, and our varied campaigns serve to provide our passionate and heroic supporters with a platform upon which to become directly involved in taking action and, in so doing, bringing about change to prevailing norms and standards as well as to outdated and inappropriate legislation. BAT views ongoing educational initiatives as the most crucial mechanism by which to achieve real progress and maintain real change. When people know better, they do better, and when they do better, they become the catalysts for real change in society.

BAT is a registered non-profit company (NPC number: 2015/047319/07). Following its registration, BAT is grateful to be in a position to formally accept donations from the public to further its work and awareness campaigns. BAT's banking details are as follows:

Bank : Standard Bank
Account number : 000401889
Branch: : Johannesburg
Branch Code : 00 0205
Account name : Ban Animal Trading


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